Serin Fate – Open Alpha

Serin Fate is a charming 2D RPG adventure that plays like a blend of Pokémon and Stardew Valley as you capture and train creatures called Chimera and use them to fight monsters.

Drawing inspiration from Pokémon, Harvest Moon, Runescape and Chrono Trigger, Serin Fate puts you in the shoes of an apprentice who has just turned into a Witch who lives in a fantasy world full of monsters called Chimera. These Chimera can be captured, trained and used in combat, much like in Pokémon but with real-time combat rather than turn-based.

As well as Chimera capturing there’s also a lot more to keep you busy in Serin Fate’s beautiful 2D world though – such as gardening, gathering, fishing, woodcutting, mining learning spells and crafting a wide variety of weapons, armor, potions and furniture. If that’s no tnough, then there’s also the small issue of the trouble brewing at Chimera Castle, which is causing monsters to roam the land. Maybe you and your Chimera can put a stop to it…

It’s a promising game with high quality pixel art animation, a nice mixture of farming simulation, monster battling and RPG gameplay and a vibrant game world that’s full of interesting people and monsters to meet and defeat. The Alpha will run until 9:30am Sunday March 1st. To claim a Serin Fate Alpha key just join the official Discord group here then go to the #Steam-Key-Claim channel and type “!getkey”. You’ll then be DM’s with a key.