Serious Sam: Tormental – Alpha Download

Serious Sam: Tormental is a top-down roguelike shooter set in the Serious Sam universe, where you blast hordes of monster and collect stackable power-ups while making your way through the tormented mind of a demigod.

Drawing inspiration from The Binding of Isaac, Geometry Wars and Nuclear Throne, Serious Sam: Tormental is a lighthearted top-down roguelike shooter set in the Serious Sam universe. In the current build you can take control of Sam or his mechanical buddy Netricsa (or both in co-op) and then blast your way through randomly generated dungeons that are inside the mind of a demigod called Notorious Mental.

Gameplay-wise Serious Sam: Tormental is probably most like Nuclear Throne, but with large open Binding of Isaac style kill rooms and masses of enemies that swarm you as in Geometry Wars. It’s a tough game and you’ll really have to keep moving or Serious Sam will be dead Sam in a few seconds. As you make your way through the dungeons you’ll gather some useful stackable power-ups though and some badass upgrades for your gun that can help though.

It’s a fun game that does a good job of taking Serious Sam’s frantic fast paced FPS gameplay and making it even more frantic in top-down form. It’s much more arcadey than the likes of The Binding of Isaac and Nuclear Throne, and feels like it’ll be perfect for short, sharp doses of run n’ gun fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Serious Sam: Tormental Alpha Build Here (Windows)

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  1. Thank you for testing and covering the game. Getting feedback was one of the main reason we released this old alpha for free. We are working on new, revamped version which not only has improved gameplay and more content, but also offers more dynamic and fast paced action in comparison to this version.

    New version of Serious Sam: Tormental, which is pretty different from this version, is coming to Steam Early Access on April 2. Cheers! :)


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