Sernek & Teeth – Game Jam Build

Sernek & Teeth is a weird and surprisingly fun fan game based on the hilariously bad Sonic The Hedgehog: The Movie trailer, where you complete minigames, go fast and make important decisions.

If there’s one good thing that can come of that awful Sonic movie trailer then it’s the memes and fan made parodies that have been made from it. We’ve featured one excellent parody of it before with Sonic the Hedgehog: Great Value, but Sernek & Teeth may be the pinnacle of Sonic-based ridiculousness.

In the game you control an “ultra realistic” Sonic (or Sernek) with weird stretchy legs and human teeth as he races along highways, completes minigames and answers questions. The whole thing is incredibly silly, janky and crude but that’s the point and it’s very funny.

Sonic has been in far worse games than Sernek & Teeth (we’re looking at you Sonic Unleashed). There are lots of silly surprises. memes and cameos throughout its 10 minute play time and the racing is actually surprisingly enjoyable. Certainly a whole lot more fun than the actual movie is going to be!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Sernek & Teeth Here (Windows)