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Session is a promising new Unreal Engine 4 powered skateboarding game that draws inspiration from the Skate series and hopes to deliver an experience that focuses on the creativity and freedom of expression, rather than multipliers and timers.

Currently in development by creā-ture Studios, Session hopes to revive the skateboarding game genre and bring it kicking and screaming into the modern era. It draws inspiration from EA’s Skate games and looks set to offer a more freestyle and less score-focused approach to the skateboarding genre than the likes of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series.

The current build looks fantastic and has great character animation but the control scheme is very awkward. You use both sticks to perform tricks with the skateboard and use the left and right triggers to turn – which feels very unintuitive. Having the option for a traditional Skate-style control scheme would be a godsend as it’s very hard to pick up and play at the moment.

Other than the control scheme, Session is off to a very promising start though – the visuals are great, the movement feels realistic, the ragdoll crashes are very entertaining and the focus on giving players freedom of expression is to be commended. The Kickstarter launches on November 21st, so if you fancy bringing the skateboarding genre back with a bang (and plenty of bails) check it out!

Note: We highly recommend going into the options menu and switching the controls to ‘Simplified’ as otherwise the controls required to pull off an ollie will be reversed if you end up riding your skateboard backwards.

Download The Session Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. i am in absolute love with this game, it is a very new concept in the realm of skating franchises go as it has so many new ideas to implement, I have to admit it took me quite some time getting used to using the joysticks as my legs to perform the right tricks at the right time and not fall immediately after attempting a trick. After a bit of practice you can should try and hit some of these awesome lines I have found inside the pre alpha already, I’d love to see some more people come out with content for this game as I enjoy it so much! #MakeSessionHappen

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