Set Off Fireworks Together – Alpha Demo

Set Off Fireworks Together is a delightful first person experience where you can set up and let off massive fireworks displays in first person.

The gameplay in Set Off Fireworks Together is pretty simple – you choose a map, then wander around until you find a place you want to create a fireworks display in. Then you select from a large variety of different fireworks and place them wherever you like. You can set them off individually, or you can connect fuses to set off multiple at once. There are now restrictions or goals – you just enjoy the fireworks in all their glory.

It’s a fun little experience that does a great job of recreating the joy of letting off fireworks. Real fireworks are expensive, can be a pain to set up and con only be used at certain times and places, so it’s nice to have freedom to do whatever you want with them in Set Off Fireworks Together!

Note: When the demo boots up the default language is Chinese, but you can change it to English in the options menu.

Download The Set Off Fireworks Together Alpha Demo Here (Steam)