Seven Days in Purgatory – Game Jam Build

Seven Days in Purgatory, a Papers, Please inspired management game made for the TV Game Jam, puts you in charge of making sure the right people go to ‘the good place’ and ‘the bad place’.

In your new job, the grim reaper himself informs you each day of new rules. These rules are then put in your rules book and you must judge as many people as you can within the day. Once they’ve presented you with their paperwork, you can see their sins and their kidnesses, as well as their name, ID number, birthday, and much more.

From these documents, you need to decide if they go to the good place or the bad place. If you send someone to the good place by mistake, God will come and kick them out. Sending someone to the bad place by mistake – just make sure you don’t. Once the clock has run out, you are paid $10 per soul you correctly sent to the right place and -$10 for each mistake.

You can then go into the next day, hear your new set of rules, and be called ‘bruh’ by the grim reaper. Seven Days in Purgatory a really fun game, despite you looking at sins and trying to get people into right eternity. The hand drawn and cartoon aesthetic makes burning in the bad place seem almost okay.

Play Seven Days in Purgatory Here (Browser)