Seven – Game Jam Build

Seven is a fun little multiplayer twist on Russian Roulette, where you attempt to shoot your rivals, but have no idea which chambers of your gun are loaded.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam and inspired by the movie “13”, Seven is an oddly addictive online multiplayer twist on Russian Roulette played with up to seven players. In the game players sit in a circle and roll dice to decide how many bullets will be loaded into their guns. They have no idea which chambers the bullets will go into, but the higher you roll, the higher your chance of shooting someone then you pull the trigger.

You can pull the trigger multiple times, so you should encounter a bullet eventually, but each empty chamber costs you vital time that could mean the difference between life and death. Deciding who to shoot is entirely up to you, though it’s generally best to aim at anyone who’s aiming at you and try to cap them first.

It’s a simple, but fun and addictive little game with some very satisfying kills and some tricky decisions as you try to decide who to aim for. The game also has a chat function, so maybe you can just decide to shoot the player who pisses you off the most!

Play Seven Here (Browser)