Seven Weeks Of Cat Monarchy – Game Jam Build Download

seven weeks of cat monarchy

Seven Weeks of Cat Monarchy is a funny cat-based adventure in which you have to cover for the Cat Monarch who’s gone on holiday for seven weeks, and must make important decisions in his absence.

Throughout your reign as Cat Monarch you have to listen to your subjects requests and decide whether to grant them their simple wishes or to deny them (often in hysterically over the top ways).  Do you sing to one of your subjects ‘cat babies’ or steal the cat baby for yourself?  Do you help put out a fire in the bakery or burn more local businesses?  Will you increase funding for the library or burn all the books in the kingdom?  Grant your subjects requests and your kingdom will become a happier place, but if you deny their requests you’ll amass a bigger fortune.

It’s a fun game, with a very silly premise and some genuinely funny dialogue.  There are two ways to approach Seven Days Of Cat Monarchy, one is to play like a human, granting your subjects requests because it’s the right thing to do, or you can try to get into the mindset of a cat, denying requests just for the hell of it.  Because as we all know, cats really don’t give a f**k!

Play or Download Seven Weeks Of Cat Monarchy Here (Win, Mac & Browser)