Seventh Saga – Game Jam Build

seventh saga

Seventh Saga is an surprisingly fast-paced, turn-based rogue-lite RPG that sees you controlling a demonic overlord as you conquer the world, corrupting it and ridding it of all the human scum.

For such a simple looking game, there’s a surprising amount of depth, you level up as you defeat enemies, kill wildlife for health, gain minions from captured bases and gain attack bonuses when standing on corrupted land.  Seventh Saga can get pretty challenging as you attempt to take over bases, and human knights pour out and attack you – you have to be especially careful here, if they surround you, you’re pretty much dead (much better to lure them to your bases and let your minions attack them).

Seventh Saga is pretty simple but very addictive, with charming pixel art animation and a surprising amount of depth.  It’s a challenging game, but nobody said being an evil demonic overlord was easy!

Download or Play Seventh Saga in a Untiy Supported Browser HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)