Shadow Arena – Beta Download

Shadow Arena is now in open Beta so everybody can jump in and check out the battle royale/MOBA hybrid from the creators of Black Desert Online.

Previously featured on Alpha beta Gamer during the closed Beta key giveaway, Shadow Arena is a forty player battle royale game set in the Black Desert Online universe. It features fast paced real-time Black Desert Online-esque melee and magic based combat and a variety of uniquely skilled characters from the Black Desert Online universe. It’s playable in solo or in groups, but it’s not just the other players you’ll do battle with – there are PvE elements too, with a variety of different monsters to battle, including a giant dragon and the Ancient Ruins Guardians. In each match you’ll battle monsters and other players, collect loot and level up your character as in a MOBA.

The balancing and pricing of certain content (such as characters) does need looking into, but the core gameplay is great. It’s a fun take on the battle royale formula with gorgeous visuals, fast paced combat and a nice sprinkling of MOBA/MMO elements.

Note: At present the game boots up in “Fullscreen Borderless” mode but it can interfere with your turning circle when using a mouse and keyboard. This can be fixed by switching to normal “Fullscreen” mode.

Download The Shadow Arena Beta Here (Steam)