Shadow Fencer Theatre – Beta Demo

shadow fencer theatre game

Shadow Fencer Theatre is a fun shadow puppet fencing game with charming visuals, great audio and fast paced one on one duels across a variety of stylish backdrops.

Shadow Fencer Theatre is most fun when played with another player, but it does support single player against a (fairly easy to defeat) bot. Each match is a fast paced duel that consists of several rounds, in which the first person to stab the other player with their weapon wins.

Players control the character movement with one control stick (or WASD) and the movement of their weapon with the other control stick (or TFGH). The movement of your weapon is physics based, so you’ll have to take into account for momentum and the general awkwardness of your swing. It makes for some fun and wonderfully unpredictable gameplay as both players swish their weapons through the air hoping to land the first strike.

Shadow Fencer Theatre is still early in development, but it certainly shows a lot of promise. As well as the wonderfully awkward weapon swinging control scheme, it also impressed with the stylish shadow puppet visuals and charming sound effects that are clearly supposed to be the shadow puppeteer making them with their own voice. A smart, stylish and silly little shadow puppet combat game, well worth checking out for some sword swinging fun!

Play The Shadow Fencer Beta Demo Here (Browser)