Shadow Gangs – Kickstarter Demo (Dreamcast)

Shadow Gangs is a Deamcast port of the retro side scrolling ninja beat ‘em up action game where a ninja master takes on a deadly crime organisation.

The original Shadow Gangs was released in 2020 and is a retro side scrolling action game that draws inspiration from arcade classics like Shinobi and Shadow Dancer. Now it’s coming to Sega’s long defunct Dreamcast console, complete with a physical disc based version.

The Kickstarter demo build is playable on an emulator, features one full level and plays much the same as the original. You use ranged weapons and melee attacks to fend off attackers as you make your way through the level. There’s a nice amount of verticality to the level, with you able to climb buildings or drop down into the sewers in search of secrets and kidnapped members of your clan.

The vibrant 2D visuals really pop and the gameplay is a lot of fun, especially if you’re a fan of Shinobi style retro side-scrolling acting games. All the more impressive this time as now doesn’t just LOOK like a great Dreamcast game, it IS a great Dreamcast game!

Download The Shadow Gangs Kickstarter Demo Here (Dreamcast or Emulator)