Shadows of Adam – Alpha Demo

shadows of eden

Shadows of Adam is an impressive looking new 2D adventure RPG that draws inspiration from classic 16-bit JRPGs such as the Final Fantasy series, but updates the core gameplay for the modern gamer – streamlining the experience to create an RPG that focuses on fast, engaging and fun gameplay.

Your quest is to help two children save the village of Adam from an approaching darkness and to discover what happened to their father who mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago.  The expansive world of Shadows of Adam is filled with memorable characters, local wildlife, hidden secrets and importantly – NO random encounters.  The devs have used a Zelda-esque world building philosophy creating a game that focuses on the joy of exploration andself contained dungeons, rather than random encounters and boring maze-like maps.

Even in these early stages of development, Shadows of Adam is an impressive game, with great audio, visual and world design that offer up a nostalgic slice of RPGing, updated for the modern era.  A neo retro RPG.

UPDATE: This Demo Is No Longer Available