Shadows of Doubt – Beta Demo

Shadows of Doubt is a Sci-Fi noir immersive detective game where you attempt to catch a serial killer in a fully simulated city.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Shadows of Doubt is a Sci-Fi noir detective game set within highly detailed procedurally generated cities where every inhabitant has their own life. Each of the citizens have their own apartment, daily routines and stories – and one of them is a serial killer. To find out who the killer is you’ll need to use realistic investigation techniques, ranging from scouring CCTV footage to tailing persons of interest or breaking into buildings.

The level of detail in Shadows of Doubt’s procedurally generated cities is truly remarkable – every building can be entered, nearly every object can be interacted with and every person has a purpose. This not only makes the cities fascinating places to immerse yourself in, but also makes for a very realistic and organic feeling detective experience. The thinking man’s open world experience.

Download The Shadows of Doubt Beta Demo Here (Steam)