Shadows of Kelper – Alpha Demo

Shadows of Kelper is a first person survival horror adventure set aboard a spaceship that’s suffered catastrophic damage and is grotesque Lovecraftian tentacle monsters and freaky mutant abominations.

In Shadows of Kelper you follow the journey of Sergeant Cooper, a crewmember of a spaceship bound for the planet Kelper. The current demo build takes place aboard the spaceship and sees Cooper waking up half-naked in a corridor after the ship has suffered a catastrophic event. Cooper must now search the ship for weapons, resources and clothes to help fend off the monsters aboard the ship and escape to safety.

There are a few odd little bugs in the current build of Shadows of Kelper, but on the whole it’s a very impressive game with high quality visuals, excellent environmental design and some very freaky monsters. It’s a tense and atmospheric experience, with ammo in short supply and monsters lying in wait behind doors and corners. There are also some moments of levity that provide a welcome break from the terror though – such as catching a monster having his way with a corpse or your character calling the tentacle monster Mr Squidworth.

The full release of Shadows of Kelper isn’t due until Feb 2021, so the devs still have a lot of work to do, but it’s off to a great start. A first person horror adventure with an interesting narrative, grotesque monsters, brutal deaths, challenging gameplay and a wicked sense of humor. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Shadows of Kelper Alpha Demo Here (Steam)