Shadows of the Afterland – Alpha Demo

Shadows of the Afterland is a Lucasarts inspired pixel art point and click adventure where a recently deceased woman attempts to figure out why she can remember the future.

In Shadows of the Afterland you follow the story of a woman who suffers from a mysterious death while at a zoo in 1960s Madrid. She has now arrived in the afterlife as a ghost, but due to some mix-up she seems to have the memories of a detective who served on the Madrid police force in 1988. You now need to use your detective skills to figure out what the hell is going on.

At the moment it could do with a little more world in the audio department to help bring the world to life (or to death), but aside from that it’s a very promising old school point and click adventure. The pixel art animation is excellent, the bureaucracy-laden afterworld is a fun place to explore and the spirit/body-swap mystery at the heart of the story is very intriguing. An afterlife point and click adventure you’ll be dying to play!

Download The Shadows of the Afterland Alpha Demo Here (Steam)