ShadoWalker – Student Project Download


ShadoWalker is a gorgeous stealth action game in which you control a demonic monster who must avoid all sources of light, but can transform into a shadow and travel across walls and ceilings.

You are a dark being who has been summoned by a covenant who need you to murder the priestess of light. She is high up in the highest tower and there are a lot of light sources, guards and guard dogs in the way, but you have a very cool ability to merge with the shadows and travel across surfaces.

As well as being beautiful to look at, the stealth puzzle design throughout ShadoWalker is superb, constantly throwing up new inventive ways for you to use your shadow skills to achieve your nefarious task. The character movement is a particular highlight, slick animation and speedy movement make running and sliding your way through the vibrant game world a joy. A beautiful, well crafted and inventive stealth action game well worth shining a light on.

Important Note: If the download doesn’t work, check your pop-up notifications (top right hand corner of the screen in Chrome)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download ShadoWalker Here (Windows)