Shakedown Rally – Prototype Download

Shakedown Rally is a beautiful and oddly eerie retro styled rally driving game where you race through a misty mountainside course (with more courses to come in the future).

At the moment Shakedown Rally is very early in development and so is quite a bare bones experience. It features one car, one track, no leaderboards, no rival cars, no handbrake and no co-driver. It’s got a fantastic PS1-esque visual style though, the driving feels great, it’s built in a custom game engine and the course has plenty of nice scenery (including an ominous clifftop goat!)

Considering how early it is in development Shakedown Rally is off to a great start and it feels like a solid framework for expanding on. It feels like a great throwback to the classic 90’s arcade racers and it feels more than a little spooky driving around its oddly abandoned village under the gaze of that mysterious goat!

Download The Shakedown Rally Prototype Here (Windows)