Shapeless – Student Game

Shapeless is a beautiful little puzzle adventure where you help a little paint creature restore well known works of art to their former glory after being defaced by a crazy painter.

In Shapeless you control a creature that’s entirely made out of paint (aside from its head which is made out of a palette) and you venture into the workshop of a crazed painter who has defaced four famous works of art. Each painting is missing one object that will revert it to its original form. The four objects required are scattered around the workshop, but before you can pick them up you have to rotate sections of them to make them line up correctly.

The puzzles in Shapeless are very simple and it’s fairly obvious where each piece goes, but the artwork and production values of the game are fantastic. The character animation and the animation of the various paintings scattered around the workshop give the game a Tim Burton-esque twisted fairy tale feel and it’s fun to see differences in the paintings as you fix them. A very picturesque little painting puzzler.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Shapeless Here (Windows)