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shapeshifter biker

Shapeshifter Biker is a fun isometric motorbike riding game in which you play a biker who can shapeshift (obviously!) into a variety of strange animals, as you attempt to escape some very angry ducks in black cars.

Starting off with just the biker, each time you collect one of the mysterious blue blocks that are scattered across the land you collect a new ‘Animal Power’ which allows you to shapeshift into an animal for a limited time.  There are 20 in total, and each has their own passive ability – such as the eagles ability to fly or the T-rex’s ability to destroy the cars that are chasing you.

It’s an impressive game, the stylish low poly visuals are excellent and the audio track is fantastic and it’s great fun discovering what each new Animal Power will do. Will you be able to collect ’em all?

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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  1. This game is very fun. I play it everyday but i have found a bug in it. When you get the rabbit and shape shift into it, the biker goes off the map in extreme speed. When you shape shift back, you are on top of the map. Also, the music is very repetitive. I hope you can fix this because it is an amazing game.

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