Shapik: The Quest 2 – Alpha Demo

Shaptik The Quest 2

Shapik: The Quest 2 is a gorgeous looking point and click adventure being created by Paul Podberezko in which you play a charming little humanoid creature who explores a planet Earth that was evacuated many years ago due to a nuclear war.

The game opens with an animated cut scene depicting a massive nuclear war which in turns sees the populous of Earth evacuate to the Moon. Many years have passed since this catastrophic event and new life has sprouted on the Earth’s surface. You, a Humanoid creature by the name of Shapik, have been born on the Earth’s surface and now must navigate its beautiful landscape meeting interesting charters along your journey. You will also encounter multiple puzzles along the way that will test your wit and puzzle solving skills.

The Shapik: The Quest 2 artwork has been all hand drawn, making the games visuals that much more impressive. The amount of detail that Paul has put into each individual frame is incredible, mixing vibrant colours and backdrops as far as the eye can see.  Visuals aren’t the only thing Shapik: The Quest 2 has going for it though. The story telling, although not spoken, is incredibly well thought out. Each little caption like bubble that is shown to the player is easily deciphered and the story itself is very easy to follow.

It’s a beautiful and well crafted point and click adventure that feels fondly reminiscent of classics such as Samorost and Machinarium. It’s a delight unlocking the mysteries of Shaptik’s long forgotten planet Earth.

Download or Play the Shapik: The Quest 2 Alpha Demo Here (Win & Browser)