Shapin’ Up – Game Jam Build

Shapin’ Up is a fun little minimalist side scrolling shoot ‘em up where you transform between four different types of ship as you blast your way through an 8th grader’s notebook.

In Shapin’ Up you control a little paper ship as it shoots and flies though swarms of enemies. You start as a fairly normal arrow shapes ship which fires forwards, but every few seconds your ship will transform into a different ship (from a selection of four), which has its own unique attack styles.

As you blast your way through the notebook the enemies you kill drop collectibles that will level you up. You start with three lives, but you can earn more each time you level up or you can choose from a selection of power-ups for the different types of ship your transform into.

It would be nice if there were more types of power-up to collect as there’s only one per ship type, but it’s a fun little shooter with a great visual style, and the fact that your ship is constantly transforming really keeps you on your toes. A stylish shape changing shmup’ well worth checking out.

Download Shapin’ Up Here (Windows)