Shards of Hope – Student Game Download

Shards of Hope delivers a challenging fusion of action platformer metroidvania and bullet hell as the son of the Night Goddess sets out to vanquish the nightmares from the minds of children.

Created by a group of students at U-TAD University, Shards of Hope is a surprisingly tough action platforming metroidvania with bullet hell elements, set in a world filled with children’s nightmares. You take on the role of Kyr, the son of Nyx the Night Goddess, and you must venture through the nightmare realm and restore hope by dispatching the grotesque creatures that are the manifestation of their nightmares.

It’s a very polished game with high quality artwork, audio and animation. There’s a nice selection of upgrades to unlock as you go and the combat is fast, fluid and responsive. It’s far tougher than most metroidvanias, with the enemies putting up a good fight – you’ll need to learn attack patterns, dodge and time your attacks well to stand a chance of defeating them. See if you can vanquish those nightmares!

Download Shards of Hope Here (Windows)