Shards Online – Open Pre-Alpha Weekend

shards online

Shards is an intriguing new MMORPG we first featured in April that features massive amounts of modding potential, allowing you to create your own MMORPG within the game.

Made by Citadel Studios, which consists of devs who have worked on Ultima Online, DAOC and Warhammer Online, it’s an ambitious game with tons of customization potential.  Shards promises to allow players to create any style of MMO they like, such as steampunk, fantasy, horror or sci-fi.  The possibilities seem to be endless, if everything works as planned this could be the Little Big Planet of MMOs.

Shards Online is now hosting an Open preview weekend, where all NDAs have been lifted and everyone can join in the pre-alpha.

Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

Download the Pre-Alpha HERE

2 thoughts on “Shards Online – Open Pre-Alpha Weekend”

  1. This game has so much potential I hope it lives up to what the developers are saying and hopefully
    It isn’t ruined by power hungry griefmasters’s on all the servers

    • Yeah, It could be an awesome game. As long as there are some well balanced games on some of the servers then it should be fine, players will flock to them and the power hungry griefmasters will be left playing on their own! :)

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