Shattered Realms – Alpha Download

Shattered Realms is a slick side scrolling brawler in which your character uses fighting game-style combos and special moves as you face off against challenging enemies and huge bosses.

The current build of Shattered Realms features one playable characters and sees you facing off against hordes of enemies across four levels and culminates in a climactic boss fight. It offers a great selection of attacks and special moves and it encourages you to string together your own combos, rewarding experimentation and strategic thinking.

It’s still very early in development, but Shattered Realms is already a very promising prospect. It manages to combine side scrolling brawler gameplay with fast, flowing fighting game-style combat to create a brawler that rewards skill rather than button mashing. A superb slice of skill-focused side-scrolling beat ‘em up action.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Shattered Realms Pre-Alpha Build Here (Windows)

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  1. Very nice game, a lot guilty gear-esque style in combos and graphics! Good job guys keep up the good work ;D

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