Shattered Worlds – Prototype Download


Shattered Worlds is an impressive Sci-Fi blend of collectible card gaming and Hex-based strategy that pits two players against each other in tense and tactical space battles.

Each team must protect their Aestril Airship (basically your King), whilst attempting to destroy their opponents one.  You play the cards that you’re dealt to use buffs or spawn ships around your Aestril Airship and send them into battle.

There are multiple sets of cards, belonging to different factions, with new cards unlockable through gameplay only and no pay-to-unlock option available – so everyone on is on a level battlefield.  There’s a great selection of cards to play around with too – buffs, debuffs and ships of all sizes.

As you can imagine, it takes a couple of games to get your bearings, but once you get into it Shattered Worlds is a joy to play, offering great mix of Hex-based strategy and card gaming.  A great war-game board-game card-game.

Note:  Registation is necessary, but only takes 10 seconds, just click ‘register’ in the top left hand corner upon first loading.  We’d recommend playing a free practice games first against AI, as there is quite a bit to get your head around.

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available