She and the Light Bearer – Beta Demo

She and the Light Bearer is a beautifully drawn point and click adventure/visual novel hybrid that sees a cute little firefly making their way through a magical forest to awaken The Mother.

She and the Light Bearer plays like an interactive fairytale storybook and tells the tale of a brave little firefly who goes in search of a nurturing godly being known as The Mother. The Mother has been slumbering for many years in a magical forest that protects her from those that could do her harm. You are a little firefly who has been chosen as the light bearer in the ceremony to awaken the her, but to do so you’ll first have to find her, which means making your way through an enchanted forest full of puzzles, challenges and quirky characters.

The current build of She and the Light Bearer takes around 30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its gorgeous hand drawn artwork and whimsical fairy tale narrative. The puzzles are pretty simple at the moment, but it’s not really about challenging the player, it’s more about offering the player a charming and cheerful place to explore as they get lost in its delightful interactive fairy tale world. A heartwarming and magical adventure full of joy and whimsy.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The She and the Light Bearer Beta Demo Here (Windows)