SHE – Game Jam Build

SHE browser game

SHE, a story based game about a little girl made for the A Game By It’s Cover, uses a series of glitches to force you to become a bad friend.

You are normal kid going to school. You are running late but get the chance to sneak into class. As it turns out, everyone is focused on introducing the new girl. You have missed her name, so you will call her ‘She’. As you’re late for class you’re now forced to show her around school and be her friend. This seems easy enough – until the game stops letting you.

Quickly you will come to find you are not able to choose all of the responses you are given. Instead, you are forced to be harsh to this new girl. Being mean to her will make her upset and ultimately angry with you. After upsetting her you move onto the next day – or as it seems a repeat of the last day? Soon the options that you can pick start moving around, so you must time your choose well to get what you want. It is clear that something is wrong, something is messing with the game, but you must continue to try and go for your happy ending.

SHE offers a short and interesting little narrative that really makes you feel uncomfortable with your actions – you can’t help but feel sorry for the little girl that you’re tormenting, but are unable to do anything about it. Why are the glitches making it so hard to choose compassionate responses? Is ‘She’ causing it, or are you really to blame?

Play SHE in your Browser Here (Chrome Recommended)