She Who Was Once Lost – Pre-Alpha Download

she who was once lost

Take Frogger, add in a little Puyo Puyo puzzle action, wrap it in poetic overtones, and you have She Who Was Once Lost. In this straightforward puzzle jumper, players take point as a firefly fairie attempting to cross a river of adorable creatures that are more deadly than they let on. Provided with 3 lives, the player must cross the endless streams of enemies blocking the way to the lights on the other side of the level.  By flying into the lights, they become illuminated, but crash into enemies three times and it’s game over!

The player is given complete directional control over their character, allowing them to move forward, dodge, or go with the flow of traffic in the gaps as to avoid getting touched by the enemies. The goal is to simply cross and illuminate all the lights, but this is easier said than done. While making their way through the waves of enemies, the player will encounter lines of poetry that describe She Who Was Once Lost, a mysterious She who is made mention of throughout the game. Played in stages, the monsters will vary in size, speed, and technique in order to prevent the player from reaching the other side. Some enemies blink in and out of view, allowing the player to pass or get caught when they re-materialize.

The game experience is enhanced by a balmy soundtrack by Pathetic Experience that makes this perilous journey seem more like a daydream. Searching for this mysterious character becomes the only drive, and pushes the player through endless waves of interesting and cute creatures, which resemble sea creatures but have some rather illuminating names.

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Download the She Was Once Lost Pre-Alpha HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)