Sheba: A New Dawn – Beta Demo

Sheba: A New Dawn is a beautiful Arabian mythology inspired 2D action platforming metroidvania where a humble shepherd is possessed by a powerful Jinn.

In Sheba: A New Dawn you take on the role of a shepherd called Enar who arrives home to find his entire town in flames. It seems an evil Jinn called Marid has set it aflame to try and flush out an escaped prisoner of his called Mirah. Mirah is a Jinn also, though not powerful enough to face Marid, and she enters your body to try and survive. While you’re not keen on having a Jinn in your body, Mirah does bestow you with powerful weapons and abilities that could come in handy as you seek vengeance against Marid.

At the moment the combat doesn’t feel great as enemies don’t really seem to feel the impact of your attacks and even basic enemies require far too many hits to bring them down. Other than that though it’s a very impressive game. The artwork is beautiful, the Arabian mythology inspired story is interesting and the combat animation looks incredible. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

Download The Sheba: A New Dawn Beta Demo Here (Steam)