Sheila and the 7 Gates to Hell – Game Jam Build

Sheila and the 7 Gates to Hell is a creepy low rez first person psychological horror adventure where you make your way through a sanity sapping maze and open the gates to Hell as you search for your missing friend.

In Sheila and the 7 Gates to Hell you and your boyfriend go in search of Diane – a friend of yours who has gone missing while researching the a phenomenon known as the 7 Gates of Hell. Each gate you pass through takes you further and further away from reality and it looks like perhaps Diane has found them. After opening up the first one you are now trapped in there so the only thing you can do is carry on inwards in search of your friend, answers and some means of escape…

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of the game jam Sheila and the 7 Gates to Hell was created for it isn’t finished yet, so you meet an abrupt end after the first few Gates of Hell. The current build features around 15 minutes of gameplay though and it’s a very interesting and unsettling experience. The retro visual style works really well and there are psychological and emotional elements to the narrative that hint that your relationship with your partner may not be the healthiest. An interesting slice of retro styled horror full of surreal sights and symbolism.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download or Play Sheila and the 7 Gates to Hell Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)