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Shell Shift game

Shell Shift is a super cool cyberpunk twin stick arena shooter in which you possess the bodies of fallen enemies, allowing you to utilize their skills against them in an intense game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

In Shell Shift you are only a lone warrior against hordes of enemies, but you have one nifty attribute – you can shift into the bodies of the deceased enemies, gaining a little health and allowing you to use their abilities against them. There’s no strongest unit to shift into though as one type of unit is better suited to fighting another so you must constantly shift depending on what type of enemy you’re fighting – effectively using the corpses on the ground as your weapon wheel.

There are three different types of enemies (not including Elite versions), The Pyro (flamethrower), The Blade (sword wielding ninja) and The Sniper, all of whom have their own own strengths and weaknesses against other types of characters. They can all damage against each other, but in general the Pyro beats Blade, Sniper beats Pyro and Blade beats Sniper – much like in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It’s an intense and addictive little game that requires you to use some real strategy as you slice, shoot and burn your way through the hordes of enemies. The audio and visual design are superb throughout too, with some excellent pixel art animation and a kick ass Vangelis-style soundtrack. The most stylish, fun and original game of Rock, Paper, Scissors you’ll ever play.

Tips: You can destroy crates for health. After wave 9 Elite versions of the enemies will appear which can do more damage for short periods.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Shell Shift Here (Windows)