Shhh – Game Jam Build Download

shhh game

Shhh, a quirky little game about oppression made for the #ResistJam, has you controlling a giant floating hand to censor voices of the people in your town.

In Shhh, you are in control of a giant omnipotent pink hand. The town around you talks about you or other groups of people via thought bubbles above their heads. You can grab onto these thoughts and hold them until they burst, suppressing the opinions of those around you.

It does take some time to pop the thought bubbles, so you may not be able to get to them all. Sometimes these thoughts will be good – green checkmarks about a person, other times they will be bad, shown by a red ‘x’ over a picture of someone. Sometimes, it seems like your presence around some forming thought bubbles makes the people of the town nervous, so they don’t even end up talking at all.

Shhh doesn’t have points or a win/lose state, instead it is just a short game to tinker around with. See what happens when you allow people to speak their mind or if you censor everything you don’t like – there’s a billboard on the left side of the town that will show you how your actions have affected the population!

Play Shhh Here (Browser, Win, Mac, & Linux)