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Shieft is a brilliantly designed terrain morphing puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 35, in which you overcome obstacles by altering the world around you.

You start in a very simple looking, flat world. You’re unable to jump, so can’t jump over obstacles, but thanks to your ability to switch between map layouts you won’t need to!  To alter the game world you simply select a map from your inventory.  As you progress you’ll collect new map pieces, which will in-turn unlock a new version of the environment for you to change too. These map pieces must be collected to move on, but most of the time you cannot just simply walk to them – you’ll have to figure out which combination of maps to use.

Some maps contain only small sections of walkway surrounded by lava, while others have high walls that you cannot get around. You must flip between maps to find a way to bypass these boundaries, bending the game world to your will as you attempt to collect more maps.

Taking around five minutes to complete, it’s a very clever piece of game design that we’d love to see expanded into a fully-fledged game. A remarkable shape Shieft-ing puzzler.

Check Out a Shieft Gameplay Video Here

Download Shieft Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)

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  1. Sup. Tried your stuff couple of days ago. Trains your memory well. You should make it into something bigger. Good idea. Add other challenging puzzle mechanics and it’ll be a good indie game. Don’t base a game on single-mechanics because it’ll get boring. Played SUPERHOT. It sucks because it’s based on just single idea. Good idea, bad execution

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