Shifting Dreamscape – Game Jam Build

Shifting Dreamscape, a challenging retro platformer made for the Ludum Dare 40, sees you playing a slime, who needs to sleep to change the environment – without sleeping too much and slipping into an eternal nightmare.

In Shifting Dreamscape, you start off in an adorable dream world, controlling a cute little slime in a nightcap. Occasionally you’ll come across a section of the environment that’s impossible to pass in your dream. You must then take a short, deeper nap to change the environment so that you can make it across the area.

Changing the world comes in many forms; from moving blocks that are already there to making green blocks appear. These green blocks do fade after a few moments, so you may have to sleep a second time to get more out of them. The only issue is, the more you dream, the worse your dream becomes. A bar at the bottom of the screen shows how close you are to a nightmare – and you slowly get towards disaster.

As you fall into a deep nightmare, the world becomes scary, transformed to be red and evil. The closer you get to fully embracing the nightmare, the closer you are to death. Shifting Dreamscape really challenges you to sleep only as much as you need to – or else face an evil world that will be very hard to sleep in at all. A clever little puzzle platforming adventure where sweet dreams can turn into a real nightmare.

Play Shifting Dreamscape Here (Browser)