Shoehorned – Game Jam Build Download

Shoehorned is a very challenging Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy style physics-based platformer where you use a long street lamp pole to help you escape from a huge pit you’ve fallen into.

A street lamp pole may not seem like a particularly useful piece of climbing equipment, but it actually really comes in handy in Shoehorned. You can swing it around, use it as makeshift pogo-stick and your character can climb along it, changing the center of gravity as he does so.

It’s a very rough game and mastering the use of your pole does take some time, but you can pull off some pretty incredible climbing maneuvers once you get the hang of it. Needless to say, climbing your way out of the pit really isn’t going to be easy, but with a bit of skill, a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance, you may at least stand a chance!

Download Shoehorned Here (Windows)

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