Shogun Showdown – Prologue Download

Shogun Showdown is a fast paced turn-based roguelite adventure where a lone warrior seeks redemption through battle.

In Shogun Showdown you take control of a lone warrior who travels the land, fighting his way to redemption. The prologue features three locations to fight your way through, each of which has multiple single-screen battle arenas where enemies spawn and you attempt to kill them all.

Combat is turn-based and each time you move, turn-around, add an action to your queue or execute your attack queue then you use up a turn. Your enemies also follow these rules too though, so you need to learn how to use these timings to your advantage and avoid damage. As you progress you unlock new action tiles you can add to your queue and you can also unlock different skills.

The pixel art animation is excellent and the turn-based combat in Shogun Showdown is simple, tactical and addictive. It allows for very fast paced battles where positioning is key. See if you can fight your way to redemption!

Download The Shogun Showdown Prologue Here (Steam)