Shoot ‘M Up – Beta Download

Shoot ‘M Up is a fast paced top down tactical shooter that looks set to offer blood splattered top down carnage in its single player campaign mode, competitive multiplayer and co-op zombie survival in which up to 32 players can attempt to fend off the zombie hordes simultaneously!

Playing a little like Hotline Miami crossed with Call of Duty, Shoot ‘M Up offers high adrenaline top down combat with buckets of blood, satisfyingly brutal weaponry and plenty of content. The episodic story will follow ex-military man Hank Fowler, a family man who has to deal with some brutal events and set things straight, with new episodes planned to be released released monthly.

The story mode isn’t implemented yet but there’s a great selection of competitive multiplayer modes to keep players busy, with you able to jump into deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and bomb defusal modes all of which are packed with lots of awesome high powered weaponry. It’s the co-op zombie survival mode that’s probably the most impressive achievement though, with up to 32 players able to join forces and do battle against the zombie hordes, earning cash, defending objectives and strengthening their base as they go.

It’s a fun game that looks set to pack a hell of a lot of content into its fast paced blood splattered warfare, with single player, competitive multiplayer, zombie survival modes – there are also plans to implement vehicles, killstreaks, lots more zombie types and a fully functional map editor. Join in now for some brutal blood-soaked top down multiplayer carnage.

Note: If you get an error during the loading screen for the maps as shown in this video, just follow the instructions in the video description to fix it.

You Can Contact the Devs Through Their Discord Group Here

Download In The Shoot ‘M Up Open Beta Here (Windows)