Shoot That Pizza – Game Jam Build Download

shoot that pizza

Shoot That Pizza is a fun high score chasing arcade game, entered in the Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam, that will have you destroying your favorite pizzas with a variety of weaponry.

In this game, you control a gun that is able to shoot pizzas! Many different types of pizzas fall from the top of the screen, waiting to be shot. When they are shot and destroyed, they will explode into a burst of slices and confetti! The toppings will even pop off. Boxes also appear on the screen to be shot. These boxes will give ammo to a random other gun that you can then switch too. Some guns take many shots to destroy the pizza, while others may destroy it quite faster. The more pizza’s you hit in a row, the bigger your multiplier becomes, and the more points you will gain!

Bizarrely you can also type a secret word [puffin] in the menu to unlock a second mode to this game. The whole game changes to a hair-rating game! In this mode, you can rate the hairstyles of the Idle Thumb’s community!

Destroy pizzas or rate hairstyles in this simple and fun arcade game.  Pizza and hair may be a strange mix, but no stranger than pizza and anchovies!

Download Shoot That Pizza HERE (Enter ‘puffin’ for the bonus hair mode)