SHOOT TRIP DIE is a challenging and addictive Binding of Isaac inspired roguelike action game where you attempt to get back to your pee stained mattress in your squalid apartment.

In SHOOT TRIP DIE you follow the adventure of Chester, a burnout who has just been particularly rude while handing in his notice at a pizza restaurant. Unfortunately for Chester his boss is a demon, who is more than a little miffed about it and promptly decides to throw him through a wormhole into a strange monster-filled realm. To get back he’ll need to journey through the realm, blast monsters and kill his disgruntled demonic ex-boss.

The gameplay in SHOOT TRIP DIE is a little similar to The Binding of Isaac, with you clearing rooms of enemies before you can move on. You can only shoot in two directions though (left and right) and you don’t get a choice of your route through the dungeons – you just go through a randomly selected selection of rooms. You earn cash by blasting crates which you can spend on perks and gamble with, and when you defeat a boss you can choose a perk too.

It would be nice if there was a little more choice in the mid-dungeon perk room/shop, but other than that it’s a very promising game. The bi-directional combat works surprisingly well, the retro pixel art visuals are full of character and the gameplay manges to be both brutally punishing and fiendishly addictive. A wonderfully weird psychedelic roguelike shooter that you’ll keep coming back to.

Play The SHOOT TRIP DIE Beta Demo Here (Browser)