SHOOTOUT Inc. – Alpha Demo


SHOOTOUT Inc. is a stylish top down shooter based on the SUPERHOTline Miami Prototype we first featured last year – a fun blend of Hotline Miami’s brutal top down combat with SUPERHOT’s ‘time only moves when you do’ game mechanics.

In the game you play a weapon quality assurance robot that works for a shady weapons company called SHOOTOUT Inc. Due to a glitch that occurred during your manufacturing, you now have the ability to process information 5862% faster than ordinary robots, allowing you to effectively make time stand still while you plan your assault on the organisation.

Much like SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami, each level in SHOOTOUT Inc’s plays like a fast paced puzzle, with plenty of guns and violence. It’s a challenging game, which may lack a little originality, but certainly makes up for it with fun gameplay, clever level design and a great visual style. If you enjoy Hotline Miami or SUPERHOT, you’ll certainly have fun controlling this SUPERBOT.

Download The SHOOTOUT Inc Alpha Demo Here