Shootrage – Prototype Download

Shootrage prototype download

Shootrage is a fast, fun and blood-splattered homage to 90’s first person shooters that features a blend of 3D and 2D sprite style visuals, a kicks ass soundtrack, big boss fights, secrets, 90’s FPS inspired weaponry and plenty of OTT violence.

Space Pirates have kidnapped your girlfriend so you must infiltrate their base to get her back. Obviously this isn’t a time for wimpy tactics like stealth – far better to go for a full frontal assault, with you mowing down a whole army of human, robots, androids and mutants with lots of badass weaponry.

Shootrage draws inspiration from classical like Quake, DOOM and Duke Nukem as you race through its labyrinthine levels blasting anything that moves. It wears its inspiration firmly on its sleeve, with sprite-styled visuals, gore, decapitations, no auto-healing, explosive barrels, bunny hops, reflex-testing run and gun gameplay and a classic 90’s FPS arsenal of chainsaws, shotguns and rocket launchers (among others).

Shootrage doesn’t exactly re-invent the traditional shooter, but it does offer a high octane and blood splattered nostalgia trip that’s well worth checking out for some fast paced run and gun fun. As Duke would say, come get some!

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Download The Shootrage Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. Hi guys! I’m Piotr from team who making Shootrage. It’s nice to see our game here! Thank You! If anybody has any questions about game please leave comments. Cheers!

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