Shoppy Mart – Alpha Download

Shoppy Mart

Shoppy Mart is a wonderful little game that puts you in one of the most thankless jobs imaginable – a checkout assistant at your local supermarket.

As far as simulations go, Shoppy Mart is pretty thorough, you individually scan each item, bag them, swap bags when they’re full, check the customers ID when buying alcohol, make small talk, take their payment and give them receipt.  Your aim is to do all this before the timer runs out at the top of the screen.  If your time does run out, your already rather grumpy customers will get even grumpier, and leave pretty displeased with your pathetic checkout efforts.

You can make some small talk to try and extend your time a bit, but time really is pretty tight – especially when you have to manually look up codes for the fruit and vegetables.  Thanks to the steady supply of grumpy customers, it really is a thankless job being a checkout assistant, but it’s also a remarkably fun one – it’ll also give you a little more patience next time you’re in getting your own shopping!


To Scan Fruit & Veg: Place the Item on the scanner, look up the code with SHIFT, type in the correct code with the numbers on YOUR Keyboard, and don’t forget to press Return/Enter.

Download the Shoppy Mart Alpha HERE