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shortArm is a fun little fusion of music and pixel art arcade action that explores four stages of life in four minutes.

In shortArm you control the actions of your character on the left side of the screen with the left Ctrl key and the actions of your character on the right side of the screen with the right Ctrl key. As you progress the activities will change, with one character getting older and the other getting younger.

Depending on your activities you’ll either have to mash the button or time button presses. The younger versions of yourself are up to more exciting activities that require quick reflexes (bashing mailboxes with a baseball bat and avoiding barrels while running for your rock band groupies), while your older self will be carrying out more mundane and energy sapping key mashing activities (running up flights of stairs to meeting and stamping documents in an office).

It’s a fun little game that feels like you’re playing an interactive pixel art music video. It comes with a nice message too – if you embrace your younger spirit and the wizdom of experience then those dreams will be that much closer to being realized.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download shortArm Here (Windows)

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  1. This game was created for Train Jam 2018 on the way to GDC by the following educators:
    Brantly McCord (@brantly_mccord): Lead Programmer & Animator
    Dr. David Whittinghill: Lead Design & Audio
    Travis Faas (@meanderingleaf): Programmer, Designer

    For us, and all other jammers who dedicated time and love in their indie games, please research these games to their source and support the creators! It only takes a few more lines to credit the people behind these games!

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