Shot in the Dark – Alpha Demo

Shot in the Dark is a stylish pixel art adventure that blends 2D platforming and shooting gallery gameplay as your lone gunman blasts his way through a supernatural Wild West world in search of vengeance.

In Shot in the Dark you take control of a bandit as he uses his trusty six-shooter to blast his way through demons, cultists and dead gunslingers in an occult Wild West world. You control your character with the WASD keys much like in any platformer, but aiming and shooting your gun is more like a shooting gallery game – you can shoot any enemy you see on the screen, even if it looks like there’s an obstacle in the way, but you have to have your crosshairs on your enemy to shoot them (you can’t just aim in their direction).

The current build of Shot in the Dark takes around 10 minutes to play through and ends on a great little cliffhanger. The pixel art animation is fantastic and the soundtrack is superb (though it cuts off in the final stages). It’s the unique fusion of platforming and shooting gallery gameplay that most impresses though, and the clever use of the black, White and red visuals to hide your enemies in plain sight. A cleverly crafted gunslinging adventure well worth pulling the trigger on!

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download or Play Shot in the Dark Here (Win, Mac & Browser)