Shroom and Gloom – Game Jam Build Download

Shroom and Gloom is a deck-building first person dungeon-crawling adventure where you use cards to fight your way through a dungeon filled with mushroom monsters.

Created by Team Lazerbeam (creators of the excellent Snow Cones and Teenage Blob) and Evan Greenwood (one of the creators of Broforce & Genital Jousting), Shroom and Gloom is a deck-building dungeon crawling adventure set in a world of shrooms. In the game you have one deck for traversing the dungeon (used for settign campfires, opening locked doors, etc.) and another deck for fighting the various monsters you come across in the dungeon. As you progress you’ll manage your decks, modify your cards and make your way to the final battle with the Void King.

Shroom and Gloom’s clever fusion of deck-building and dungeon crawling works really well and makes for an addictive experience as you battle your way through the dungeons. As with all Team Lazerbeam games, the hand drawn artwork is fantastic too, with interesting environments and quirky looking mushroom monsters with lots of character. Highly recommended.

Download Shroom and Gloom Here (Windows & Mac)