Sushido – Game Jam Build Download


Sushido, a charming, unique fishing game made for the Indies vs Gamers Jam, has you catching and chopping fish for sushi.

You play as a cat, who spends their day catching fish and chopping sushi. You must avoid rocks and catch fish on your fishing line, which make move your boat forwards. As you collect more fish, the weight on your line increases. Once your weight is high enough you can then throw the fish up in the air and switch to the sushi chopping mode.

The sushi chopping mode starts off with fish raining from the sky. You must then use your skills to chop them into sushi by hitting the arrow key towards the falling fish. You will then flip and chop the fish closest to where you moved. Bigger fish take more than one hit, whereas little fish take only one. If you miss a fish, it’ll fall into the water, and you will lose a life. The more fish you chop in a row, the higher your score multiplier becomes. Fish that are more rare will also give you higher points. After each sushi chopping section, your weight limit for your line will also increase.

It’s a fun game with excellent pixel art animation, that mixes slapstick hand-to-fish combat with Ridiculous Fishing-style gameplay to create a fishy action game that’s well worth catching.

Note: The download is recommended for this game, as the webpage version is a bit laggy.

Download or Play Shushido HERE (Win & Browser)