Shut The Box – Game Jam Build

Shut The Box is a macabre little dice-based puzzle game where you play a game against Death to figure out what you’ll be reincarnated as.

In Shut The Box you have unfortunately died. However, it looks like you’re going to be reincarnated and you need to play a special game of dice to determine what you’ll come back as. You are presented with nine numbered blocks and each time you roll the dice you can topple one or more blocks so that they match the number on the dice. The more blocks you topple before you run out of moves, the better the creature you’ll be reincarnated as.

It’s a simple, challenging and very addictive little game that has a great visual style and a nice blend of strategy and dice-based randomness. See if you can roll your way to a nice new life or if you’ll spend it digging through mud as an earthworm!

Play Shut The Box Here (Browser)