ShutterNyang – Beta Demo

ShutterNyang is a charming feline puzzle platforming adventure where you control a cat who can take pictures of objects in the environment and then paste them onto other areas.

In ShutterNyang you are a cute little black cat who ends up sucked into a mysterious world inside a tree along with a little girl’s camera. You are now on a mission to return the camera and various other items the girl is missing, and hopefully find a way back to the real world in the process.

There are many obstacles and enemies for you to overcome as you make your way through the beautifully animated 2D levels of ShutterNyang. Thankfully, your camera has some pretty handy uses – such as allowing you to copy and paste platforms to stand on, luring enemies in a certain direction by pasting a picture of yourself, or even copying rain clouds and making them drip on enemies. It also comes in handy for returning objects to the little girl – if you spot an item that belongs to her in a level then you can take a picture of it, then when you’re back in the main hub-world you can past the item back onto her picture.

Some of the platforming feels a little too imprecise (especially if you’re climbing) and the platforms you can copy are all pretty much the same, but other than that ShutterNyang is a very impressive little puzzle platforming adventure. The art style is excellent, the camera mechanics are used in some inventive ways and the whole premise if very adorable. A camera-based catforming adventure well worth jumping on.

Download The Shutter Nyang Beta Demo Here (Windows)