Sidekick High – Game Jam Build Download

Sidekick High Game Download

Sidekick High, a funny point and click adventure game made for the Adventure Jam 2017, has you playing a pair of amateur super hero twins who are attempting to escape from adjoining cells in a sadistic superhero academy.

You and your twin brother, along with loads of other up and coming sidekicks have been trapped in different rooms for a final test at Sidekick High. You both have been through hundreds of other trails all to become a student at this school, some nearly killing you both, but now you are on the final test. You are in one room, your twin brother in the other, and whichever group of superheroes gets out first gets to be apart of this high school. If neither of the groups make it out, you both will die.

You can switch between the two twins and control their movements. Both of them are trapped with 2 other superheroes, who have some not so impressive super powers – like making coffee, saying everything backwards, sweating too much, and turning into a slug under very specific circumstances. As you interact with these characters and observe your surroundings, you’ll start figuring out how to get out. There is also a way to transfer items between the rooms, but it is going to take some time and thinking to really figure that out.

Sidekick High is a well polished game with great artwork and fun sense of humor and some very quirky characters. A super little super hero puzzler well worth checking out.

Download Sidekick High Here (Windows)